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For the first time in the history of South Africa and many countries across the world, has a pandemic caused a lockdown for 21 days perhaps even longer. Just how South Africans will react, only time will tell. But, let us pray and hope that we survive these extremely trying times with strength, discipline and fortitude and most importantly that the outcome of this lockdown will be beneficial for our country and its citizens and that we finally flatten the curve and win the battle against the spread of the dreaded Covid­
19. While big businesses are putting hands together and supporting government’s initiative at a national level, locally, in Laudium, Erasmia and surrounds, the Laudium Sun and Tayfin Auditors have joined hands with a number of businesses including Foodline, Kismet Spar, KitKat Cash & Carry, Yaseen’s Superette as well as a team of medical professionals, headed by Dr Hamzah Bava, pooling resources together, in order to assist the community, especially the elderly and vulnerable, in conjunction with the Laudium Care Service for the Aged. If you, as a resident, are in absolute need of assistance, be it for groceries, medication or even emergency transport, during this 21 day lockdown period, WhatsApp us on 060 786 7862 or contact us by joining the 'Laudium Sun Lockdown Group' @ 060 786 7863, on the Telegram app. You may also share ideas on how best to make this difficult time easier, so that together we can beat the virus, whilst still maintaining social distancing.

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When Umme-Roomaan graced our front page in the April 14, 2013 edition of the Laudium Sun, after becoming a Hafiza, little did we know that 7 years later, the young lady would grace our front page once again, as a bride. This beautiful bride, Umme Roomaan Cassim, is the daughter of Ruby and granddaughter of Yunus and Naseem Cassim, of Erasmia and her dashing groom Hassen, is the son of Shiraaz and Zainub Dada of Middleburg. The Nikkah ceremony was performed at Masjid AbuBakr Siddique in Erasmia, on Sunday, March 1, at 11:30 am. A scrumptious lunch was served shortly after prayers to the hundreds of guests at the Silver Crescent Gardens venue, in Laudium, on the day. The wedding of the charming couple was one of the last to be celebrated before our President imposed a ban on gatherings of more than 100 people, after the coronavirus outbreak. The Laudium Sun’s wish for the newlyweds is that they are always happy and always protected and guided by the Almighty.